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At Nefkom Aluminium, our quality roofing speaks for us. We produce aluminium roofing sheets and Windows and deliver Nationwide in good condition at a very affordable rate. To meet the demand of all customers, we also import high quality Stone Coated Roof Tiles from new Zealand and Korea. Nefkom Aluminium is a major manufacturer and marketer of Aluminium products in Nigeria. Our range of products include: Shingles Stone Coated Roof Tiles, Bond Stone Coated Roof Tiles, Steptiles Aluminium Roofing Sheets, Aluminium Coils, Metcopo Aluminium Roofing, Longspan Aluminium Roofing, Classic Stone Coated Roof Tiles, Longspan Aluminium Roofing, Stone Coated Roof Tiles and Windows. Our products are globally renowned for beautifying roofs of Homes, Commercial Buildings, Housing estates among others. They don’t only make houses and building projects Classic and beautiful, they are also very economical because they are easy to install, strong and last for years with little or no maintenance. We put much attention to quality details and precision. We maintain an advanced manufacturing process under strict quality control which ensures that the production and installation standards are maintained. We have supplied and installed our products in many buildings; which includes Residential, Corporate organization, Stadium in Delta State and across Nigeria.

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Nelson O.

Founder & CEO
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